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Aupair Visa Switzerland - Au Pair Program in Switzerland

Anyone who works during his/her stay in Switzerland or who remains in Switzerland for longer than three months requires a permit. Residence permits are issued by the Cantonal Migration Office.

According to the bilateraux laws with the European common market, aupairs from the European Economic Union are eligible for aupair visas in Switzerland for a maximum of 18 months. EU citizens can be between the age of 18 and 30. Au pairs from the new EU member states (e.g. Poland, Slovakia) still require a residence permit from the cantonal authorities.

Conditions for EU citizens seeking AuPair Jobs in Switzerland

You can work as an au pair in Switzerland for a maximum of 24 months; if you are from a 3rd world country the limit is 12 months. EU citizens can work up to 24 months in Switzerland.

You will receive room and board with a host family in exchange for approximately 25 to 30 hours of weekly work (housework, baby-sitting, etc.). You must attend language classes for a minimum of three hours a week in Zurich, four hours a week in Geneva. You have the right to one day off per week (at least one Sunday a month) and 4 weeks' vacation per year (5 weeks if you are less than 20 years old).

Anyone who works during his/her stay in Switzerland or who remains in Switzerland for longer than three months requires a residence permit. These permits are issued by the Cantonal Migration Offices. A distinction is made between short-term residence permits (less than 1 year), annual residence permits (limited) and permanent residence permits (unlimited).

EU citizens can find more information on the types of permits available here.

EU citizens on work permits, can work as a Personal de Maison or House personnel. Salary is 890 swiss francs per month and all expenses, including pocket money, insurance, unemployment and taxes. The candidate receives 5 weeks of paid holiday a year and is allowed to work whatever hours are needed by the family.

Conditions for non-EU citizens seeking AuPair Jobs in Switzerland

  • Aupairs from non-EU countries must be between the ages of 18 and 25 years.
  • Non-EU nationals must work with a licensed Swiss agency to obtain the required visa and work/residence permit. A language class is required.
  • You must be a female between the ages of 17 (18 in Geneva) and 25 from Western Europe, North America, Australia, or New Zealand, and you can stay in Switzerland for up to one year.
  • Au pairs are individuals who do not speak German and the guest family's everyday language must be German.
  • The housewife or houseman does not have the same mother tongue as the au pair.
  • The guest family's child or children are under 16 years of age.
  • The housewife or houseman is present during at least half the au pair's working hours.
  • Families and individuals who have no children may not employ au pairs.
  • You will receive room and board with a host family in exchange for approximately 30 hours of weekly work (light housework, baby-sitting, etc.).
  • You have the right to at least 1 day off per week. At least 2 free days in a 4 week period must be Sundays.
  • The monthly salary varies among cantons but the normal range is 700-800 Swiss francs per month depending on age, experience, and hours of work. This amount is after all compulsory deductions for tax and health insurance have been made.
  • Your employer is also required to enroll you in a language school within 4 weeks of entering the country, and will cover 50% of these expenses (around 250-500 Swiss francs for six months). You must begin taking a language course (at least 120 classes) within 4 weeks of arriving to work. Confirmation issued by the language school must be sent to the AWA.
  • Aupairs must be insured by the employer for the consequences of sickness and accident in conformity with the law on obligatory accident insurance.
  • Tax at source, employee's contributions to the OAP/II/EO/UI, half of the premiums for health insurance and the total premium for non-occupational accidents may be deducted from the aupair's pay. The aupair is obligated to pay taxes on income in the year the 19th birthday is attained.
  • Permits for au pairs from abroad are issued subject to quota regulations. Limits are placed on the numbers of individuals from specific countries who may come to Switzerland.

Further details for non-EU citizens regarding AuPair, Salary, Application documents and general conditions may be found here.

Domestic Helper

  • Switzerland has strict differences between aupair and domestic helper jobs.
  • Domestic helpers have a pedagogical/household education background
  • They take over household responsibilities including childcare
  • Average stay is 2-3 years.
  • Domestic helpers can live in or live out of the home.
  • Ages are between 22 and 55 years old.
  • Average work hours per week is 43.
  • Minimum monthly salary is 3500 swiss francs, depending on canton, age and experience.
  • Employer registers their employee for accident insurance.
  • Employer is obligated to register employee at: AHV/IV/EO/ALV BVG/Tax institutions

Student Visa


During the school semester, students can accept paid employment for up to 15 hours per week.

Internships for students from abroad are available in science and technology, management and organization and the field of health.

Additional information from the Canton of Zurich is available here.

For more information, on visas from your country visit this link. You must then choose your country, then "Entering Switzerland" and then "Visas" from the list. You will then see a link for more information on how to apply for a student visa. The Swiss embassy in your country will be able to address any questions.

Canadian Citizens "Youth Mobility Program"

In order to be eligible you have to be:

  • a Canadian Citizen between the age of 18 and 35 and have a secondary education and have completed a 2-year training, OR
  • study at a post-secondary institution, OR
  • have completed your post-secondary studies

For more information please visit The Federal Department Of Foreign Affairs Web Site

Rules for Filipino's working in Switzerland

Filipino candidates are allowed to work in Switzerland as long as they meet POEA guidelines. They must be unmarried, between ages 18-30, and have no children. The au pair should also be enrolled in a school to learn the language of the host country. The aupair will live with the host family and be treated on an equal basis with other family members.

Employers are obliged to pay the cost of hiring a Filipino au pair, which includes visa fees, airfare, POEA processing fees, contribution for membership to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, and the costs of training, if training is required by the employer.

Au pairs are required to pay for their passports, NBI clearances, birth certificates, medical tests, Philhealth insurance, and other personal documents.