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Looking for au pair jobs abroad? Your perfect family is waiting to spend time with you and help you create amazing experiences in a new country.

Looking for au pair jobs abroad? Your perfect family is waiting to spend time with you and help you create amazing experiences in a new country.

Your Path to Global Au Pair Work and Cultural Exchange

Are you an adventurous spirit, hoping to explore the world, immerse yourself in new cultures, and provide childcare at the same time? Becoming an au pair might be your perfect opportunity. This comprehensive guide will lead you to the perfect au pair job, whether you're seeking an au pair job abroad or in your home country.

What is an Au Pair?

Au Pair Meaning

If you're from France, "Au Pair" literally means "on par" or "equal to". In other countries, "au pair" is a live-in childcare provider who lives with a family in a foreign country.

Au Pair Meaning

As a job seeker in search of an au pair job abroad, you're making an excellent choice for families seeking trustworthy and flexible childcare. As an au pair, you'll be a foreign national between the ages of 18 and 26, residing in a private bedroom with your host family to immerse yourself in American culture while delivering top-notch childcare services and related responsibilities. Becoming an au pair begins with meeting the requirements and passing the screening process with a U.S. Department of State-sponsored au pair agency, such as GreatAuPair USA. This sponsorship allows you to obtain a J-1 au pair visa and stay with your host family for up to two years, providing parents with dedicated, live-in childcare.

To participate in the US Au Pair Program, both au pairs and host families must meet specific requirements. GreatAuPair is here to assist you, job-seeking au pairs in finding the ideal au pair position with an American host family that values exceptional service.

Au pairs are young people who enjoy family life, are interested in global work, and want to live with a family to provide childcare while exploring cultural exchange. It's a unique opportunity to become a big sister or brother to the host family's children.

Benefits of Being an Au Pair

Au Pair Benefits | Explore new countries as an Au Pair: Secure fun jobs, meet great families, and create lifelong connections.

Ready to explore new countries and discover the next big city? Au pairs not only get to enjoy secure jobs abroad with their great family, they also make new connections that last a lifetime.

Becoming a great au pair is an exciting opportunity to explore the world while enriching the lives of the families you work for. Whether you're seeking a job abroad in places like France, South Africa, or Italy, there are key qualities that can make you stand out.

In most countries, you'll provide daily childcare in exchange for a private room as you gain valuable cultural experience. To excel in your job abroad, it's essential to bond with the kids, offering them a supportive and caring environment.

Au pairs receive benefits like free room and board, a monthly pocket money allowance, English courses, and the chance to explore a new country.

Summer au pairs may opt for an amazing summer in a new city, opening doors to explore different countries and cultures. As a summer worker, you'll typically have a private room and the chance to attend a language course.

Au pairs must be adaptable, patient, and proactive. It's about embracing the opportunity to spend time abroad and understanding that each family and location is unique. With the right attitude, you can make your experience truly memorable, both for you and the families you serve.

Finding the Right Host Family

Best Au Pair Jobs Abroad: Find the perfect host family with GreatAuPair for global job opportunities, including the USA.

If you're looking for au pair jobs abroad and you want to find the right host family, GreatAuPair is the best source to find global work. If you want to work in America, then GreatAuPair USA can introduce you to the best host families.

Selecting the right host family is crucial for a successful au pair abroad experience. Ensure you're a good fit for each other by discussing expectations, daily routines, and childcare philosophies.

What is the Au Pair Program in America?

Au Pair Abroad: Explore the US Department of State program for cultural exchange and childcare with American host families.

The US Department of State Au Pair Abroad Program is a cultural exchange program that allows young individuals from around the world to live with American host families and provide childcare assistance.

The Au Pair Program, is an exciting cultural exchange initiative that brings young individuals from all over the world to the United States. Au pairs live with an American host family, providing invaluable childcare assistance and experiencing life in the USA. The US Department of State meticulously regulates and supervises the program run by designated organizations like GreatAuPair USA to ensure the safety and well-being of both au pairs and host families.

Program Requirements

For Families: As a new au pair job seeker, you'll want to know that host families must be US citizens or legal permanent residents. They need to have a designated adult caregiver who supervises you, provides you with a private bedroom, and a weekly stipend that meets federal, state, and local wage requirements. Each adult family member must also complete a comprehensive application and undergo a background check, ensuring a safe and secure environment for you.

Au Pairs in America: For au pairs, the age requirement is between 18 and 26. You'll also need a good command of the English language and hold a high school diploma or equivalent. Prior childcare experience is vital, with a minimum of 1,200 hours of verifiable childcare experience, including at least 600 hours of prior infant care experience if you're working with infants. Expect a thorough screening process, encompassing background checks, reference checks, English proficiency evaluation, and medical examinations, to ensure you're well-qualified for the program.

How the Au Pair Program Operates

Once you're selected for the program, the GreatAuPair USA introduces you to host families based on your preferences, skills, and interests. Once you have interviewed with several host families and agreed to match, you'll have your visa interview scheduled. GreatAuPair USA will issue you a form DS-2019 that you must take to your visa interview to obtain your J-1 au pair visa. GreatAuPair USA will arrange your travel to the U.S. You are required to stay for one year, yet you may extend for another year with your current host family or a new host family, where you will continue to provide childcare for a maximum of 45 hours per week. In return, you receive a weekly stipend, room, and board from the host family, along with the opportunity to attend classes and engage in cultural activities during your free time. You'll also have a local childcare coordinator who works for the au pair agency and maintains regular contact with you and the host family to ensure a smooth placement and adherence to all program regulations.

Oversight by the US Department of State

Throughout your journey, the US Department of State keeps a close eye on the compliance of both host families and au pairs with program regulations. They work through designated au pair agencies, providing guidance, resources, and support to ensure a positive and enriching experience for all participants while monitoring agencies to ensure ongoing compliance.

Why the Au Pair Program Matters

From an au pair's perspective, the Au Pair Program is an incredible opportunity for cultural exchange and invaluable experience. You get to enhance your English language skills, build meaningful connections with your host family, and provide reliable childcare. It's a win-win situation that exposes you to different cultures, languages, and perspectives while helping host families with their childcare needs.

How Long Can You Stay in the US?

Au pairs can stay in the US for up to two years on an Au Pair J-1 visa. After this period, you must return to your home country. If you still meet the program requirements and wish to continue, you can reapply to become an au pair once more.

Au Pairing Abroad

Au Pair Abroad: Thrive in a new culture and experience a healthy family life – make your dreams come true!

If you enjoy the thrill of sharing a new culture and healthy family life being an au pair abroad could be a dream come true.

If you want more flexibility and hope to meet other au pairs on your journey, welcome to the world as an au pair abroad, with opportunities to visit countries like France, Italy, South Africa, and more. Enjoy the best scenery and big cities while providing great service.

Au Pair Job Requirements

Requirements include appropriate experience, English fluency, and a genuine love for children.

Preparing for the Role

Au pairs prepare for their role by acquiring language skills, understanding the host family's profile, and familiarizing themselves with childcare responsibilities.

The Au Pair Experience

The au pair experience is about more than just childcare; it's a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and educational travel.

A Day in the Life of an Au Pair

A typical day for an au pair involves childcare, language courses, and spending time with the host family.

Au Pair Jobs in the Host Country

Explore au pair jobs in a new country, ensuring you have enough money to cover expenses while still enjoying your free time.

The Impact on Children

As an au pair, you'll have a profound influence on the children you care for, helping them learn English and discover the world.

Au Pair in a New Language

Communication skills are essential for au pairs. Many programs offer English courses to help you communicate effectively with the host family and others.

Choose the Right Program

Selecting the right au pair program is crucial. Research various organizations that facilitate au pair experiences and choose one that suits your goals.

Navigating Cultural Differences

For au pairs seeing more than a working holiday, serious au pairs have the opportunity to adapt to a new culture. Embrace cultural differences and gain a deeper understanding of your host country.

Staying Safe Abroad

Safety is paramount when au pairing abroad. Take precautions and follow guidelines to ensure a secure experience. Ask about house rules and curfews.

Au Pairing in Big Cities

Some jobs are located in bustling cities. Enjoy urban living while providing childcare services.

Meeting Other Au Pairs Abroad

Connect with other au pairs in your host country, creating a support network and building lasting friendships.

Food and Meals

Ask about the family's food preferences and any dietary restrictions when it comes to meals.

Preparing for School

If the host family's children are young, you may be responsible for getting them ready for school, preparing lunches, and ensuring their homework is complete.

Free Time and Flexibility

Enjoy your free time as an au pair. Flexibility in your schedule allows you to explore and engage in cultural activities.

Room and Board

Au pairs typically receive a free room and board as part of their compensation.

Preparing Kids for School

Getting the children ready for school is often part of the morning routine.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange is at the heart of the au pair experience, offering the chance to learn about the world and yourself.

Building Lasting Relationships

Au Pair Connections: Meet au pairs from other countries and share in the experience of a lifetime.

Au pairs get the rare opportunity to meet au pairs from other counties and share in the experience of a lifetime.

Au pairs build lasting relationships with other au pairs, their host family and the children they care for.

A World of Opportunities

Au pairing offers opportunities to explore different countries and cultures.

The Role of Host Families

Host families play a significant role in the au pair experience. They provide a welcoming and supportive environment.

Preparing to Au Pair

Before you embark on your au pair journey, prepare by learning about your host country's culture, traditions, and daily life.

The Global Au Pair Network

Join a global network of au pairs, allowing you to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Supporting Families

Au pairs offer essential support to host families.

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