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How to Find Jobs on

  1. Register for free

    Create your free profile, which is like your online CV or résumé so that family-employers can find you; learn about you, your interests and your experience. Simply register for free as a Job Seeker and select the main job type you're seeking. You can select additional job types as you complete the free registration.

    Register using your valid email address. We'll send your password to that email address. You will use your email address and the password for your sign in credentials on We will not share your email address with anyone. You will receive messages from families that are interested in hiring you. You may reply for free to any message sent to you from within your personal Messages section.

  2. Validate your email address

    We will send you an "Email Validation Required" email that contains a button that you must click to validate your email address. You cannot receive job offers unless your email address is validated. You can change your password or your email address at any time under the "My Account" tab, below "Account Options" along the left side of the page.

  3. Find Jobs

    Once you are signed in, click the Find Jobs tab on at the top-left of any page. You can refine your results using the search criteria on the left side. Save your custom search criteria using My Searches. Find jobs that interest you. Be sure you understand what each job requires, where the job is located and what will be expected of you. Only apply for jobs that are well matched to your interests, experience and skills. Be sure to review the family's requirements for live-in or live-out, as well as driving and language requirements.

  4. Research your visa options

    If you intend to travel outside of your country as an aupair, nanny or other caregiver, we highly recommend that you review our visa section to familiarize yourself with your preferred country's visa requirements and aupair programs if supported by your country's government and your preferred destination country. You can review the visa information for the most popular aupair job destinations.

  5. Use Favorites to notify Family-Employers of your interest

    While viewing search results, click on the photos or headlines to review the profiles and if you'd like to let the family-employer know you are interested in their job, simply add them as a Favorite by clicking the green [+] icon "Add as Favorite". When you add a family as a Favorite, we send them an email with your profile information to let them know that you are interested in their job. Families can instantly reply to you with an email that tells you whether or not they are also interested in you. This is a fast and easy way to get communications started with employers.

    Under the My Account tab, you'll find your Favorites section, which is a powerful tool that allows you to keep track of your favorite jobs, keep notes and respond to employers who are interested in you. Click the Auto Respond tab to instantly send responses to employers who have sent you a Favorite notification. Just click the buttons "INTERESTED" or "NO INTEREST" to send an auto reply message. Learn more about Favorites.

    Your Response Rate shown in your profile is calculated based on how many employers you have and have not responded to through your Auto Respond section, so keep your "Responses due" equal to "0".

  6. Reply to Family-Employer emails

    Under the My Account tab you'll find the Messages section where you may reply to any message in your Inbox and review messages you've sent under your Sent tab. As a non-paid member, you may reply to existing messages in your Inbox and threaded messages in your Sent history.

    It's also free for you to initiate new emails to paid family-employers who have added you as a Favorite. To initiate a new message, select the Recipient list: "Interested paid Families" and select a recipient to send them a new email message. Subscribe to initiate new messages to any family-employer.

  7. Use your FastMatch

    Your FastMatch is a free service of that will send you daily emails of new job posts that match your requirements. Your match preferences are determined by the answers you provided during registration combined with the preferences you set in your FastMatch section, under My Account. You may edit your profile and change your FastMatch preferences at any time to adjust the number and types of results you receive in your online FastMatch results and in the daily FastMatch emails we send to you. You can also opt out of receiving FastMatch emails under your Preferences section under My Account.

    If you've fine-tuned your profile and your FastMatch preferences, your FastMatch results will be very accurate. When you get FastMatch results, you should review the jobs and contact the families if you're interested in taking things to the next step.

  8. Pay for a Subscription

    A paid subscription gives you the ability to email member families directly, without having to wait for them to contact you first. If you're serious and you really want to get the good jobs, you should buy a subscription so you can take the initiative to make contact first. Your subscription allows you to see family interviews, their photo galleries, videos, background checks and referrals as available.

    A subscription makes it easier for you to quickly make the most informed decision regarding which jobs are best for you. A subscription also allows you to be proactive so you can go after the jobs you want.

  9. Verify everything

    It is your responsibility to get background checks, reference checks and referrals to ensure that everything you've learned about a prospective family-employer is true and correct. While we do all we can to protect our members from scams and fraud, you must be aware to protect yourself. Before accepting any job, be sure you've done your homework and that you've read through the details in our Security Center.

  10. Apply for the jobs you want

    Once you've made contact with several families, determined your visa requirements, checked their references and decided on the family you wish to work for, be clear about your expectations, salary, timing, etc. and come to an agreement with your chosen family.

First-Time Aupairs

Being an aupair or caregiver of any kind can be a rewarding adventure and learning experience. Being an aupair, nanny babysitter or caregiver requires a commitment to helping others, integrity and the ability to be flexible. Finding the right job requires thoughtful evaluation of the type of situation that best suits you. To assist you in forming a successful relationship with your chosen family-employer, we have provided some general guidelines to give you an idea of what to expect when working as an aupair, nanny babysitter or caregiver for the first time.

  • Click for in-depth information on Au Pair and Nanny Salaries. The aupair's average weekly salary for 40 to 45 hours of childcare in the USA is US$195.75 and may be less in other countries.
  • An aupair should be provided with a private bedroom. Many families will have extra amenities in the room such as TV, stereo, phone, and computer, however this is not required and will be different with each family.
  • An aupair's living expenses, which include room and board, are covered by the family, unless the aupair requires unique dietary items or health supplements for which she/he should be responsible. Also the aupair is responsible for all personal items such as toiletries, hair care items, etc.
  • The aupair should pay for her/his long distance phone calls.
  • If the aupair is required to drive for the family, the family should pay for the gas for all required driving. However, typically the aupair pays for gas when using the car for personal use.
  • The aupair is generally responsible for her/his medical insurance/expenses unless the aupair arrives through an agency, in which case insurance is included in the fees paid to the agency by both the family and aupair.
  • Airfare for the aupair is usually negotiable. If the aupair does not come through an agency, families and aupairs often split the cost of a roundtrip ticket. If the aupair doesn't have the money to pay for her/his half of the ticket up front, families can cover the cost and deduct the balance from wages. If the aupair comes to the U.S. through an agency, only the cost of airfare to New York is typically included in the placement fee paid to the agency by the family. The family would then have to get you from New York to their home.

Tips for a successful relationship with your host family

  • Make sure that you are clear about your schedule and responsibilities and that you are in agreement with the family's expectations.
  • Remember that attitude is everything to a potential family. A family can train for skill, but it is difficult to train for attitude.
  • If you are uncomfortable with something, be sure to approach your host family openly, and communicate your feelings respectfully. Most families will appreciate this and respect you more for responsibly confronting the situation.
  • This job is all about making a difference, spreading joy and delight, allowing others into your heart and lending a helping hand. In the process you will experience many new people and places; learn and grow on many levels. It's what you bring to the experience that counts.
  • Being appreciative and doing things without having to be asked are two simple qualities that make a great aupair.
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