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Au Pair Options for Excellent Au Pair Care

If you're seeking an au pair then GreatAuPair can provide the best au pair options for your family. If you're a U.S. family and you want a fully vetted and trained au pair to live-in for up to two years, then our Au Pair USA Program is for you. If your family lives outside the U.S. and you want a live-in or live-out au pair, find au pairs seeking live-work opportunities in your country.

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How to Become an Au Pair Host Family

For nearly two decades, we've helped millions of host families and au pairs connect in over 150 countries. Whether you're a U.S. host family seeking a full-time, live-in au pair through our Au Pair USA Program, or perhaps you want a live-out nanny or sitter. Either way, we offer you our experience, knowledge, and the very best in matching technology to ensure your specific child care requirements are met. You can find au pairs on your own but the only legal means of obtaining an au pair visa is through a designated agency such as GreatAuPair USA.

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What is an au pair?

An Au Pair is a young adult living abroad with a host family who takes care of their children and provides light housekeeping related to the children in exchange for accommodation and a minimum stipend. Au Pairs are treated as part of the family, joining in family meals and activities. Au Pairs often choose to be an Au Pair for the cultural experience and to improve their language skills.

Au Pair vs. Nanny: What's the difference?

An Au Pair must meet the Au Pair Requirements to participate in a government-sponsored Au Pair Cultural Exchange Program, where local nannies do not. In the U.S., Au Pairs must be between the ages of 18 and 26 with demonstrable childcare experience. Nannies may be much older than Au Pairs. Au Pairs and host families agree to program rules and regulations defined by the government, which are overseen by the Au Pair Agency sponsors. Au Pairs typically don't make a career out of childcare work as nannies more often do. As such, nannies are generally paid more than au pairs. Au Pairs are seeking a cultural experience and want to be part of the family. The relationship between a nanny and a family is typically more of an employer and employee, not governed by an exchange program.

Be an Au Pair in America!

Being an au pair in America or overseas can be a life-changing, cultural experience. If you are between 18 and 26 years old, have childcare experience, and speak English well, then the Au Pair USA Program may be the right adventure for you. Discover the Au Pair Program in USA. Or, for additional experience, there are au pair jobs available around the world.

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GreatAuPair Offers the Best Candidates

Create your free GreatAuPair account to find the perfect job as an au pair or nanny. Searching for a new job or caregiver is a significant decision for both host families and childcare providers. GreatAuPair is a leader in the realm of cultural exchange, connecting families with dedicated individuals, fostering mutual understanding, and providing a platform that transcends borders.

15 Good Reasons to Work with GreatAuPair

1. GreatAuPair: A Global Community

Connect with candidates and jobs around the world, GreatAuPair expands your horizons, offering a diverse pool of au pairs, nannies, senior care, personal assistants, housekeepers, and employer host families.

2. Live-In Au Pair Experience

Experience an au pair in your home, which fosters intercultural living and creates lasting bonds between host families and caregivers.

3. Nanny Jobs Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you're seeking a full-time nanny job or part-time babysitting jobs, GreatAuPair caters to your preferences, ensuring a perfect match.

4. Background Checks for Peace of Mind

GreatAuPair prioritizes safety by offering background checks, providing peace of mind for both families and care providers.

5. Pet Sitting and Special Needs Care

Beyond childcare, explore opportunities for pet sitting and special needs care, expanding the range of services available to you as a job seeker or employer.

6. Online Interviews for Efficient Selection

Streamline the hiring process with online interviews, allowing families and care providers to connect and assess compatibility conveniently by reviewing the online interview questionnaire.

7. Senior Care and Housekeeping Services

GreatAuPair goes beyond childcare, offering care and job opportunities for senior care and housekeeping, catering to all your care needs.

8. Educational Exchange

From California to Texas and New York, embrace education and exchange with au pairs, contributing to the cultural enrichment of families.

9. Quality Connections

GreatAuPair emphasizes quality connections, ensuring that families find the best caregivers, and care providers secure fulfilling positions not just as employees, but as members of the family.

10. Advice and Resources

Access a wealth of advice and resources on GreatAuPair, guiding both families and care providers through the hiring process.

11. A Mission to Serve

With a mission to protect your interests, GreatAuPair provides a privacy-protected, secure environment for successful matches.

12. Efficient Search Settings

Utilize video and photos in your profile. Benefit from precise search settings on the GreatAuPair platform, allowing you to narrow your options based on specific criteria.

13. Videos for a Personal Touch

Stand out by incorporating videos into your profile, providing a personal touch, and allowing families and care providers to connect with you on a deeper level.

14. Connecting Nations

GreatAuPair acts as a bridge, providing a valuable service that connects nations through shared experiences and fosters understanding in a global community.

15. Free Sign-Up for Unlimited Possibilities

Sign up for free on GreatAuPair, add photos and a video to your profile, and open the door to unlimited possibilities in the world of caregiving and cultural exchange. Unlike most companies, there are no ads on our site. Our dedicated team of employees is here to service your childcare and job search needs. We answer our phone. Call us!

GreatAuPair isn't just a platform; it's a global service offering a gateway to transformative experiences, connecting families and caregivers in meaningful ways. Whether you're a family in search of the perfect au pair or a nanny seeking the ideal job, GreatAuPair is your partner in creating lasting connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

Enhance your search for part-time jobs in Texas or California with GreatAuPair. Whether you've decided on a career in senior care, tutoring, or housekeeping, GreatAuPair offers a video-based service connecting you with opportunities. As a Department of State Au Pair Program Sponsor, we are held to the highest standards. GreatAuPair is headquartered in Austin, Texas, but no matter where you are, our team offers personalized assistance. Seeking personal assistants or tutors? Utilize our extensive database, complete with references, photos, and videos to refine your search. Elevate your job search today with GreatAuPair's commitment to education and service, ensuring success in just weeks.