GreatAuPair Customer Reviews

GreatAuPair Customer Reviews

GreatAuPair has helped over 1 million families and caregivers find their ideal match. Here's what people have to say about our services.

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Jody's Family, North Wildwood, NJ Reviews GreatAuPair for the...

Mar 28, 2018

We have found our first live in care giver. She has not started yet but your site was very helpful and full of qualified candidates.

Andrea's Family, Kloten, Zurich Reviews GreatAuPair for their...

Mar 17, 2018

Great Platform! We found our new Aupair relatively quickly and are glad to hopefully get again a great partner in our Aupair.

liz's Family, Honolulu, HI Reviews GreatAuPair for their nann...

Mar 08, 2018

We found our au pair in less than one month of posting our job and she is awesome with our twins! I love that we were able to connect using this site. :)

Felicity's Family, Singleton, New South Wales Reviews GreatAu...

Mar 01, 2018

Great site with lots of information about candidates to help make the difficult decision of which wonderful carer to choose.

Sarah's Family, Howick, Auckland Reviews GreatAuPair for thei...

Feb 12, 2018

Thanks GreatAuPair for helping us find the right candidate - we will be using this site in the future to find our next Au Pair!

Cem's Family, Izmir, Izmir Reviews GreatAuPair for their nann...

Feb 09, 2018

Hi From Izmir/Turkey, A Great thanks to GREATAUPAIR team :) that let join us with our American Nanny from New York who is perfectly match our family and requirements. Thank you so much for you professional service. We wish you best of best, Cem ERKONAK

Tim's Family, Adelaide, South Australia Reviews GreatAuPair f...

Feb 06, 2018

Very happy with this site and have found an amazing au pair, will definitely use GreatAuPair again!

Sabre's Family, Crescent City, CA Reviews GreatAuPair for the...

Feb 03, 2018

GreatAuPair was both easy to use and convenient. Lots of worthy candidates to chose from. Highly recommend especially if in a large city.

Magali's Family, Tokyo, Tokyo Reviews GreatAuPair for their a...

Jan 31, 2018

We found an au pair quite quickly! Very efficient web company and very good staff for help.

Cecilia's Family, Saltsjobaden, Stockholm Reviews GreatAuPair...

Jan 08, 2018

GreatAuPair site has never failed me, it is great! I have found the perfect match for the 7th time during my 12 years of usage.

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