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Complaint   >> Posted: Apr 12 ''19 by Lazzaro in Tokyo, Japan

Dear, Administrator.As you may already know, We are paid customers. Its however ironic that Parents seeking responsible Babysitters, or Swimming instroctors for Children, need to pay in order to search. Yet those seeking employment dont need to pay anything.Anyway, I contacted several potential employees already. This particular one, Ms. Nao Sato-Reyes, replied to our offer, and even called me. She was enthusiastic and claimed to be seeking employment desparately.My Wife I, offered to her as well as to others, to pay their round trip expenses to the Interview, and that wed buy them dinner, with us and see if sheothers have good Chemistry with Our 5-year old Son.My Wife, Our 5.5 year old Son, and I waited for nearly an hour at a paid parking spot, of the Train Station where Nao agreed to meet us for her interview.She not only never showed up, but her line and Facebook accounts were both online the entire time. Both My Wife, and I called her several times, using both our phones and line and Facebook accounts.After nearly an hour waiting and calling her, she answered, and sounded very rusty, as if she had just woken up Interview scheduled for 1800, she answered call at 1845 or was intoxicated. She mumbled something like oh, I couldnt find the station and then hung up on us!We dont ask much, but we do expect that if people post their profiles on this website that they are at least genuinely seeking employment as a Babysitter.It seems that Ms. Nao, is neither genuine nor responsible and mature enough to post on this site!We are extremely disappointed! Especially that Our Son, was enthusiastically waiting to meet her, and Kept asking when she was going to arrive to meet us!Simply barring her from this site is merely not enough. She shouldnt be permitted to place her add on other sites as well. Im sure We arent the first Parents to complain about her disrespectful conduct.Thank you.