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Au Pair in London Seeks Au Pair Job.

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Mother home land

I can invest in functional families!

33-year old male
Living in United Kingdom
Has a passport for Romania
Has a visa for United Kingdom
5' 9" or 175 Centimeters
130 Lbs or 59 Kgs
2 years of paid experience
12 years of education
First-aid trained
Valid driver's license

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Dear Reader,

My story starts in 2006 when I was invited to the UK by a professor at Oxford and that family offered me support to get the AuPair Visa. For a first experience it was not too hard. I supervised three children and drove them to school. I stayed three months, they offered me a reference and wished me good luck with the next family; Next I worked for a British single mother in London with four children. Her home was like that of an artist and lively. I was offered guidance on what to cook for kids, did some gardening, housekeeping and took the boys to swimming pool. I would have stayed longer than three months if only I was given some reasonable free time; Next I accepted an offer from a British family in Greater London with whom I stayed twelve months. I had asked them to pay me more than AuPairs earned at that time and they gave me additional work. Housekeeping, ironing, meals for the boy, rarely cooking for the family. The three years old boy was very smart and well developed for his age. I drove the small Toyota not the Aston Martin. Their home was large, full of light, organised, simple with a big garden to play. The family offered me references several times and I will never forget them;

In 2008 I worked for a British tech entrepreneur who was another excellent employer and he didn't micromanage his employees; In 2009/2010 I worked at Heathrow Airport and I enjoyed to meet travelers from all parts of the world; In 2011 I was invited to Luxembourg by a single German mother where I've spent that summer. I drove a child to school and water-parks, did some gardening and housekeeping; In the Autumn 2012 I was invited to France by a Belgian family who's father worked as a diplomat in Geneva. My role was mostly to drive two boys to various after-school activities and to synchronise their pickup/drop off timings; In 2013 I trained as a barber and practiced in two barbershops in central London. From 2014 I focused on updating my tech skills which will be useful to become self employed. With only a break in the summer of 2015 when I was invited to Geneva by a Swiss family to assist with a baby and his brother. Of the two brothers the baby was easier to look after and overall they were a happy family. I drove parent's cars which were automatic and large, did some gardening and cleaned the swimming pool regularly. They had a modern house, great architecture and interior design.

At the present I have two possible employers: One is to become self employed, the other is to continue to offer some help to families. I could also apply for corporation jobs but I value individuality more, I'm not part of a group, at best I'm member of a team. Things work well when I'm an employer's first choice, it doesn't work well when I'm not a first choice; My relationships based on personality types: with business people I speak their language; with artists its quite OK. Cholerics - I leave them alone; Regarding education, I've been a great student in Maths and passed some Olympiads as schoolboy. Also I tried some exams in the Security industry where I passed some intelligence tests, so if any other employer wants to know I have an IQ above 126. I don't fall for propaganda, ideologies, leftist or right extremes, I try to maintain a centered life.

What is my life like: Aging is catching me up but I'm running faster. At the moment I live a frugal life and after a decade spent abroad I returned to my home small town near Danube Delta. I ride a bike daily, I buy fish that is alive and not expensive and I shop from farmer markets. Laughing is part of my healthy lifestyle, I laugh about everything including of my own foolishness. And there were also domains in which I was no better than Joe Dirt. One skill that kept me out of troubles was to think instead of reacting when faced with adversities; I like music, creativity, freedom and these go together because freedom means exploring what is beyond borders. With no fear. And freedom teaches accountability and that is why I don't overprotect boys; People are free when they are able to control the powers they are given. When people get powers they can't control, they misuse it. For example a child who wants something not suitable for his age may throw temper tantrums to manipulate us and get powers. I believe that parents who can control their own powers teach their kids the same and everyone is happy.

Note that I tried to present an objective profile using facts and I didn't qualify myself using words such as great super-duper aupair. I also tried to present everyone in a positive light, no matter how imperfect we are; I'm willing to invest in functional families and my question is how much time, energy, credentials and cost of living I'd be supposed to pay in exchange for your offer ?


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Apr 2017 - Nov 2018
From 1 - 24 months
Seeking Live In/Out


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Infant care Special needs care Disabled care
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Match Preferences
Will not work for smokers
Comfortable with pets
Willing to travel worldwide for work
Preferred nationalities:
  • - Belgian
  • - British
  • - Swedish
  • - Swiss
No parent age preference
Preferred Countries:
  • - Australia
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  • - United States
Preferred Cities:
  • - London
Good health
None - I eat everything
No Religion
No tattoos
No piercings

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