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Mother home land

New Year's resolution

33-year old male
Living in United Kingdom
Has a passport for Romania
Has a visa for United Kingdom
5' 9" or 175 Centimeters
130 Lbs or 59 Kgs
2 years of paid experience
12 years of education
First-aid trained
Valid driver's license
References available

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TL;DR; 6 years total driving experience, 2 years supervising children, over 10 years intelligence, many years of playing sports.

Dear Reader,

I started as AuPair in 2006 during my twenties, as I was young and yearned to travel and see the world. Right now I keep an interest in travelling but I let readers know that I'm writing this agenda for myself to recall what I learnt from these experiences and what I plan to do forward.

Although I'm not a carer, I managed to attract the attention of some important people and I was invited to Oxford, London, Luxembourg, France and Geneva. The tasks I helped with were not rocket science but some parents did trust me with driving cars, supervising, housekeeping, assisting children of all ages including a baby. I've uploaded a few pictures.

My new year's resolution is to start a self employed business and I feel the time is coming soon, before the start of summer 2018. I've been working at this project on and off for the last 4 years. But there is always the risk of failure so until I will declare myself successful I can only call myself a prospective employee.

I was raised by two parents who made a living through a self employed activity. Some days they made enough and sometimes they didnt make any money and thats why I developed a sense of risk awareness and optimising my resources. My grandparents were small farmers in a Greek village and one unforgetable experience was on a hot summer holiday when I was only 12 and they could not find a shepard to employ and guess and my brother had to spend our 3 months holiday with the sheep. But dont worry that didnt kill us, we had a lot of fun, scarcity produces creativity; And by the time I was 14 I was passing Olympiads in Maths as schoolboy as I had an excellent teacher in Maths. Today I no longer solve Maths problems but I'm trying to use the same skills to solve world problems using technology. I dont want my past achievements to be viewed as a one-hit wonder but by solving the world problems I could probably make people happy as thats the best I can do for them.

I also looked at the problems related to children and families because I did read a lot of psychology. The world is divided between those who have lots of children and cant afford to ensure their basic needs and those who live in families where they get too many things all at once such that they cant focus on one thing at a time. Then they invent words such as ADHD and attention deficit but these didnt exist in the past. When my table is full of papers I could also get attention deficit but I manage to organise it all. The other problem in the western world is demonisation of masculinity and war between sexes. In the end everyone looses from these conflicts. I dont hate women, I like many female singers, some female business owners and some teachers but I stay away of negative people.

They invented many new words for mental health illnesses but I'll tell one mentall ilness that is as old as the time itself and that is greed. People are divided on the political spectrum between left and right but I believe greed affects everyone regardless of their ideology. It was called a capital sin for a reason and this is the spirit of our times.

I'm writing this message as I ended my 4th snowboarding trip in Romanian mountains and I'm happy as I developed better skills at this sport. Romania has a very good geography to practice winter and summer activities. But some people there are affected by the same mental health issues mentioned before; I didnt excel at sports but I practiced a little of everything. I also liked basketball, football-games, table-tennis, cycling or swimming. I plan to do hang gliding one day. If music was a sport I have to say I like a variety of music genres.

In the last ten years I was able to join my brother who has an average job in London, but I'm not an average person.. Nic likes to venture into problems!! And sometimes he solves them. Whilst others dont even try. So this was me and if you want to ask anything I encourage you to do so.

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Jan 2018 - Nov 2018
From 1 - 24 months
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