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Complaint   >> Posted: Jan 01 '18 by Ashley in Ile-de-France, France

Brooksie Burdick Angel hired me to help her out while she was in town for her wedding. I worked for them December 28-31st. The 31st was their wedding. She begged me to find people to attend because she didn’t have people to go to the wedding. She even said she’ll pay for each person I get to come. That’s how desperate she was.

A friend of mine ended up coming to Paris for the holiday. He was with a group, celebrating his honeymoon, so that was 12 people, and I had a further two more come. In total we were 15. This group alone was half of the people in attendance. For the ceremony I looked after their son, and then two of my girlfriends ended up watching him while a friend and I looked after their daughter. This was not an easy task because these children were up well past midnight. Cranky children who aren’t allowed to sleep and weren’t given any food from 3:00-10:00pm? It took a whole village to try to calm and entertain them.

My group and I left the wedding after midnight and ended up finally having our own party because they had rented a huge flat right on the Eiffel Tower. They then begin to tell me that the bride was trash talking me to them! You’re really going to trash talk me to the people I invited? Like I wouldn’t hear from them that you’re doing it? There was no reason for us to have even gone to the wedding because they had rented this giant 800€ a night flat to ring in the new year. The group even ended up pulling together and buying this couple (who they did not know) a gift and giving them 200€ in cash as a wedding present because they felt bad that they had no one to attend their wedding.

Long story sightly less long, I was not paid for the work I did that day. I was not paid for bringing over half her wedding. And when I texted her, she straight up ignored me. I not only helped her the pervious days, but I went around Paris looking for weave glue for her, and dropped it off two hours before I was to meet her because she said she needed it right away. I was not compensated for that either. I have better things to do then go around Paris looking for weave glue. She had someone with her there to do her hair and makeup, that person should have been going around looking for products for the hair that she was supposed to be styling. For her to have the audacity to not pay me for my time when I could have been elsewhere (because who wants to go to a wedding, much less the wedding of someone they do not know?) pissed me off to no end. Pissed me off so much, I’m going to put their ass on blast because that is just straight up trifling. Instead of getting to countdown the New Year with my friends, I was inside making sure no one disturbed their son. Instead of being with the people I knew, enjoying our NYE out in Paris, I was sitting in a lobby trying to get their daughter to go to bed, and asking the hotel for beds and linen and diapers and changing diapers and trying to get their daughter to eat and trying to let their son run anywhere I could let him get his energy out.

The worse thing is I spent the next day with the friends I had brought to the wedding, because they were only in Paris for 2 days and we didn’t have much time to spend together, and they couldn’t believe that after basically making these people’s wedding, and giving them a gift, that they could pull something like that. They made me look like a fool, and they made the people I brought look like fools too.

I’m not sure this complaint section is enough so I’m going to end up posting this to my blog and my Facebook so anyone with google will know this story too. And I will be filing a complaint with the French police so there is a record of this.

I hope karma comes back to bite them in the ass. And if anyone meets them or gets asked to work for them (they’re from the Florida keys by the way), know that you are dealing with some grimey people.