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Complaint   >> Posted: Aug 14 '17 by David in Davao, Philippines

After 4 or 5 attempts to communicate in texts with this person to request a resume in a PDF format emailed to me, she sent doc’s in other formats by phone app, over and over again mostly in snapshot. I explained several times in several ways that PDF is the required format by the background check company. She kept sending snapshots and then jpg documents still. After the 4th try we decided that either she didn't understand or didn't want to take the time to have her doc’s scanned. Turns out she didn’t want to cooperate, the request made her angry because she said, “we use phone here” (meaning phone Apps in the Philippines vs. PC and email). With such a Volatile and BAD Attitude, I can see that hiring her would be a nightmare. So, I sent her a polite thank you note and explained that communication is important to the job and that there was going to be a problem with miscommunication, so I could not hire her but wished her good luck. She immediately became very angry and started sending curse words and insults back-to-back, on and on... Telling us to “go and hire someone from your own country” not hers. APPARENTLY A DEEP HATRED FOR FOREIGNERS… This was totally unprovoked. Beware of the woman. Totally UNNECESSARY... I will report this to WhatsApp for profanity and terms violations and to ban her number. There is really something wrong here, that only surfaced and was triggered once she was rejected. Deciding not to hire her was an excellent decision before exposure to the family.