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Complaint   >> Posted: Apr 12 ''21 by Jannat in Massachusetts, United States

We hired Ukeeya as a full time, live in nanny for a period of one month March 18th till April 18th through GreatAuPair. She was to work with our 9 year old special needs daughter at an agreed rate of 1000per week. The contract included 2 meal breaks of 30 minutes each paid during the day and an additional 175week as meal allowance. She was also entitled to 2 full days off during this 1 month period. Her duties, and the above details were clearly listed out in the temporary employment contract which both parties agreed and signed.A few days after she started working with us, she demanded that the meal breaks be increased to 1 hour each, which we agreed to and she herself cancelled and changed the timings on the contract. While with the child, she did not make any attempts to engage the child in activities when we went out and took her along with us to help with the child. Instead, she spent time on her phone and playing games on my daughters ipad while my husband and I looked after our daughter. She also ate my daughters snacks, likes pringles, which we usually pack in the bag for her while we are on the move. Several times, when she came back from short toiletmeal breaks, she smelled of smoke. She passed a lot of inappropriate, nasty comments like I dont mind being a nanny as long as parents dont bother me. We have never made her work extra hours. Infact, on several occasions, she wouldnt even complete the paid hours per day as we have found her unhelpful whenever we went out with her and decided to have her end the day earlier than she should have. She is the first nanny with whom my child did not bond in over 3 weeks. She would take my daughter to a nearby park to play usually from about 11am to 1200noon. One day she came back with my daughter from the park and then I gave her 1 hour off for her mealbreak and when I took my daughter to use the toilet and removed her jeans, I found the jeans torn and her two knees bleeding. When I asked Ukeeya if my daughter had fallen somewhere and hurt herself, all she said was oh yes, she fell. I forgot to tell you.Sorry. This is clear negligence. She left my child with a wound that wasnt attended to until I saw it. We ignored all this thinking that its just a matter of 1 month and we would try and adjust. We just made sure not to let them both out of our sight and never left our daughter aline with her as our trust had started to waiver. One night, we were out at dinner with some friends and she started complaining at 800pm about how tired she was. She was on a 3.5 hour break from 12 noon till 330pm and had only worked 2 hours that morning from 1000am to 1200 noon. So I told her if she was tired we could get her an uber and she could go back to the hotel, which she refused. When we got in the car, she said she wanted to end the contract and I said she can go ahead and do that. Then she asked for severance pay, which we never had an agreement about. Then she started threatening me and my husband about federal law, called us immature and when we lost our cool and asked her to get out of the car once we reached the hotel, she secretly started recording our conversation on her phone without our consent and continued to instigate us and threaten us. Then she blackmailed us that she is recording our conversation on her phone and that we better pay her 2 weeks severence pay and meet her demands. This has honestly been our worst nanny experience ever. We have travelled with several nannies in the past who have been wonderful to our child and lived with us like family. But Ukeeya was clearly upto something from day one. Our mistake was to put up with her bad attitude all the time thinking it was just a matter of 1 month. But clearly, she took our patience for granted. Her profile says she is a non smoker but she admitted to smoking the night we got into an argument. Her profile also says has a US passport but when we travelled with her from Boston to Pittsburgh on April 4th, she told us at the airport that she had no ID card to show during security check so we do not know what the truth is. Her profile also says that she is able to provide special needs care, but then she said to us that she did not expect to look after a special needs child while this is also clearly mentioned in the contract she signed. Even after we paid her in full for the last 10 days she did not work with us, she continued to send threatening messages via WhatsApp and email to us. It was an extremely disturbing time for us and we are glad it is over.