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Au Pair in London Seeks Au Pair Job.

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(4)This picture is an invitation to visit the less known part of Romania

Easy to speak 7 billion words, hard to write a poem!

30-year old male
Living in United Kingdom
Has a passport for Romania
Has a visa for United Kingdom
5' 8" or 173 Centimeters
130 Lbs or 59 Kgs
2 years of paid experience
13-16 years of education
First-aid trained
Valid driver's license
References available

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[Long Profile]: I traveled as AuPair in EU countries and I worked one year for one family, plus another cumulative year for other families. Because parents who work need help and I don't plan to have children, I offer this service free of charge for one hour per day; or paid when more time and energy is required. A monetary salary is not the most important to me, my living costs start at £100 per month depending on location. For me being successful means that I don't have liabilities and I'm looking to work with similar people. The greatest value I discovered in life is health. I worked for families who where like experts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I learnt something from each of them. My message for many great mums out there: for boys to turn into great men, allow them to grow up around men!

In my experience as AuPair, I observed that some families who practice a personal business handle better recruiting. The reward for doing this task is to get a better price for the service. I also observed that families who dont have experience with recruiting are more satisfied with professional carers, but the higher price is obviously worth it. As for the length of an agreement, I met families who are interested for short term AuPairs, and they usually preferred us to do tasks as simple as to walk dogs, play with the kids, and families who need more time or demanding work, delegating some important tasks of the daily workflow; This profile is intended for parents who are looking for a long term agreement, who can train an employee if necessary and who value getting things done more than socialising; Parents may find it useful to understand some psychology, for recruiting as well as for child development. Before making a choice, I advise parents to think about what they seek foremost to be able to identify a great personality match. Each personality type has some dominant strengths and a less strong side, as we cant be everything to everyone. The four types of personalities known from ancient times are categorised as two of them being practical like the Thinker and the Artist, and two of them being social, the Guardian and the Idealist.

My primary trait is Thinking, and the skills that I possess and parents can use are: the logic of maintaining order in the workflow of operations in the house, organising various technical activities, planning, scheduling and executing the whole program to be performed as a routine. I also trained in arts but never excelled at it, so I can also prepare meals, play sports, sing, skate, haircut, drive cars. I’m not a formula one driver but most previous experiences involved more driving than usual. In the past I excelled in Mathematics and at age 14 I was at the top when I passed two stages at Olympiad of Mathematics in home country - children please ask me for tutoring; Being the best is only relative, as I met smarter students, for example when I was rejected at Intelligence Academy or when admitted to Computer Science at University of London where I studied one year. As I don't find it healthy to spend long time in front of the PC, I made it a hobby.

I think that recruiting parents may also want to understand the least developed side of each personality type to be able to form great relationships. By making use of people's strengths and not criticising or interfering with their weaknesses can be the way for a great collaboration. A good practice at my one year long stay as AuPair was that the family provided a live out room for me, and the space between us was useful to maintain a sense of independence which only strengthened our inter-dependence; I let parents discover what is different in other personality types, and I’ll reveal what might be perceived as my weaknesses. Because thinking is an invisible activity, I may be perceived sometimes as lazy, while in fact I could devise an ingenious solution to save the effort: think of all technologies, and Archimedes’ quote: ‘Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the Earth’. Sometimes being ingenious requires to defy the status quo, and that could be perceived as not obeying the established rules, for example Galileo and Catholic church; The meaning of the word 'enthusiasm' (en + theos) is ‘God is in us’. Thinkers such as R Dawkins proved actually that God is not in us. Einstein said that 'science without religion is lame'. I am not as enthusiast as gospel singers, unless I sing in a choir. Nowadays childcare and work is free of charge, especially for children who paid the price and got the right discipline.

The way I work is, I get paid to do things, rather than to express certain feelings or to make people feel a certain way. I accept to get paid on performance. If my service is worth zero pay me zero, if its worth one cent pay me so, and if it's priceless maybe money is not the right currency. Please ask me if you have any questions.

Good luck in recruiting! Nic

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Nov 2014 - Oct 2015
From 1 - 12 months
Seeking Live In/Out


Weekly Pay $101-$200 Response Rate30%
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Infant care Special needs care Disabled care
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Will not work for smokers
Comfortable with pets
Willing to travel worldwide for work
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Preferred Cities:
  • - Geneve
Good health
None - I eat everything
No Religion
No tattoos
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