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Au Pair Job Available with American Family in Kaiserslautern

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at new house, Sept 2012

Amer in Germany seeks energetic & experienced aupair

Our Family
2 Children
Ages 6 yr; 3 yr
No pets
Will not accept smokers
Is not a single employer
Job Highlights
Female candidates only
3yrs experience required
35 to 40 hours/week
Driver's license required
Car is available
References available
Pay is Negotiable/wk

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Family's Introduction to Au Pair

Hi potential au pair! (8 Jan 15) I'm searching for a down-to-Earth, fun, quality young woman with good common sense to enhance our family with their love, good nature and positive energy. Please see the "Job Description" 1st since that really tells all about the job ;)

We need the extra pair of loving hands for our girls since we moved to the Kaiserslautern area 2 yrs ago from the Stuttgart/ Pforzheim /Heidelberg area, where we lived for the past 13 years.

About us: I am from southern Indiana, and my husband is from Columbus, OH, although he is a "miltary brat" and lived outside of Savannah, GA; Ft. Sill, OK; Ft. Knox, KY; and many others. My undergrad degree was earned at a private women's college in Columbia, MO called Stephens College. My husband's undergrad was at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I work full time in Marketing;he is Active Duty and is in HR.

The girls: Sophia is so sweet, getting her personality, just had her 3-yr birthday, and is talking up a storm. She loves to dance and will most likely be on stage some day. Currently, we are potty training, so we should be done by Jan. Vivianna is a lively 6 year old girl, "going on 8 or 10". Very gifted mentally and physically. She loves soccer, gymnastics, hip hop, ballet and tap.

Both daughters attend school/daycare 5 days per week because we currently do not have an au pair. Vivi has kindergarten 7:55am-2:30pm and then goes to an after-school daycare-type program until I get off work. In the new year, we would adjust the schedule to not do the after-school program if we have an au pair. I want the girls to have a balance of socialization with other kids and learned instruction/activity. Plus, it's just nice to let them be in their jammies, have "breakfast for dinner", have tutu tea parties around the house after a busy week. My last au pair conducted swim lessons with them sometimes together or on alternating days, took them to dance, gymnastics and soccer. I would like for Sophia to get back into a dance class and then have the au pair take her daycare for a few hours afterwards, then pick up Vivianna and go to an activity. I don't know of what classes will be offered in the new year, so I'm just guessing...

We are friendly, speak English, and welcome someone with lots of patience, love and understanding. Since there is never "enough of me" to go around, tantrums happen.

I'm a yoga instructor, so I try to live a healthy lifestyle--but do love my chocolate, baking "cutcapes" as my 6 yr old calls them, and a good bottle of wine at dinner. I love to cook, but welcome someone who would like to introduce their favorite dishes as well. (You do need to know how to cook-- i've had ones that could not, and I wasted lots of money on ruined food fr inability to follow he simplest of recipes.) I am Christian, but probably more "spiritual". My husband and eldest daughter have been baptised Greek Orthodox. We don't actively go to church, though.

My husband speaks German fluently. I speak basic German and know a little Spanish. All of my neighbors are German, but they speak good English. Both girls know some basic German, French and Spanish, so I welcome other languages to be learned.

Please read the "Interview" section, but remember I tried to keep my answers brief and to the point. Especially read the "daily routine" section and see upfront if it's something you can do--I'd hate for you to come on board and be surprised about anything... If you want me to email you the interview, please let me know that as well.

We are a very happy and welcoming family, and I will only want an au pair that is the same.

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Job Description

Hi potential au pair! (updated 8 Jan 15) I need a short-term, live-in au pair to assist in the daily routine. We live in Germany, but we are Americans.

I will only interview Americans, Canadians, or any non-EU citizen* as they need to leave under the 90-day tourist status, aka Schengen Agreement, and per military installation pass rules.

*(I CANNOT have anyone from an EU country due to military sponsorship regulations. Sorry!!!)

My husband returned from a deployment to Afghanistan Sep 2013. While he is still Active Duty, I work full time as a Civilian for the military as well in the Kaiserslautern area as the region marketing manager, and he has begun working full time in Kaiserslautern as well.

I want a happy, bubbly, positive person, adventurous, fun-loving (like I am!). You must have a background in either education/teaching/camp counseling, strong organizational skills, a solid up-bringing, an easy-going personality, a lot of patience, confidence and class. Preferably, you should have a basic knowledge of German and hopefully have traveled abroad before so there is not a big culture shock. ***Having previous European driving experience is a huge plus since you will be required to drive my car; therefore, you must have a valid US driver's license with a clean record AND get an International dirver's license to do this job.

--My ideal candidate is one that is looking to gain experience by helping me out around the house, taking them to/fr school and activities and by simply being a positive influence with our girls. The extra pair of hands is the main reason I'm getting an aupair that will give the kind of QUALITY attention they need.

--During the week I would have the au pair help get the kids up, dressed, breakfast in the morning so we all can get out the door on time. I would have her take the 3yr old to daycare for a partial day at least 4 days/wk, pick-up both girls evermerican school/daycare, and take them to dance, soccer, and gymnastics

--After dropping the kids off for school at 9am, usually the au pair goes to the gym, library, coffee shop, comes home to pick from the morning, preps snacks and activity bags, and dinner, until the pick up time of 2:30pm and off to activities Tue, Wed, and Thurs. Fri can be a pool, movie or zoo afternoon.

--I need the au pair to take the initiative, jump right in, and take care of what needs to be done. (For example, if sweaters and shoes are on the steps, don't walk by them--put them where they need to go.) I need one who doesn't mind to do light housework every day of the week since we all are contributing to the mess allover: laundry, vacuum, help make food for kids, get dinner started, clean up after dinner, load/unload dishwasher, keep kids room and toys picked up in rooms and around the house. Once a routine is learned, then I should not have to constantly ask for things to be done, like a favor--that is what "becoming part of the family" is all about----everyone pitching in and doing their share. I'm a list-maker and usually always have a list going for home projects, groceries, or basic to do lists for the day or evening! ;)

-- I might need assistance in getting the girls ready for bed in the evening, such as reading stories, puzzles, bath time, brushing teeth, et al if my husband is unavailable. Some Weds due to his soccer practice.

--Home days: you would have small pockets of free time during the day (2-3 in the morning, 1-2 in the afternoon during nap time). There's of course a few daily tasks to help me keep the home running smoothly throughout the day, such as continual pick up after yourself and kids when ending a craft project, bkfst/lunch/snack time, etc. Saturday and Sunday are typically free. And maybe Monday free if you are traveling IF it's a holiday and I am off of work to take care of the kids. (I've lived in Germany 14 years and traveled extensively.)

--Since my husband has come back from us living apart for 1 year, it's important that we have a date night once per week. I sometimes have to do things in the evening or a Fri/Sat night for work, being that I'm in Marketing & Entertainment--never more than 1x/mo. That said, the occasional evening by yourself with the girls will need to happen 1x every 2wks--usually Friday night.

--I do not mind someone who is looking to travel on the weekends, making a little spending money over 3 months, but not let it get in the way w/ why you are here. I want someone who wants the "experience" of being here and who is not afraid to take the initiative with her environment, aka travel on your own by bus, by train, by plane and feel comfortable since I won't have time to always be there showing you around... Most of my au pairs have traveled every weekend with either a couple of tourist organizations affiliated with the military (USO and MWR Outdoor Recreation) or do a trip on her own.

--All is negotiable based on hours preferred, personal goals,local rates, etc

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Availability Schedule

Morning X X X X X
Afternoon X X X X X
Evening X X X X X
Job Availability
Mar 2015 - May 2015
From 3 - 3 months
Seeking Live In/Out
Full- or Part-time

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Shopping & Errands Office Assistance
We Require
Female candidates only
3yrs experience required
Candidates that live within worldwide
Valid drivers license
We Prefer
23-27 year olds
12 or more years of education
No couples
Candidates who are:
  • - American
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